I am applying for an entry-level position that enables me to be a team player and a future leader. My appetite for hard work, an enthusiastic style, and a desire to achieve makes me a strong candidate for your consideration.

Volunteer experiences have enabled me to practice team-building skills and develop methods of motivating others. Throughout my college career I have familiarized myself with what it takes to succeed and I have the independence and capability to be a self-starter. I have proven to be adept at public-speaking and writing, especially involving one-on-one interactions. I am extremely organized, outgoing, and goal oriented.

I know that I could be a great asset to any team and would like the opportunity to prove this. I am willing to start at the bottom and work my way up. I am trainable, open minded, and a fast learner.

My resume is displayed under Curriculum, I look forward to an interview and opportunity where we may further discuss my qualification and desire for employment in your professional environment.

Thank you for considering my request.

Thanks to little Koala

Thanks to my schoolmate of P.T.U.A. and Geography

Giuseppe Trupia
via C.Cattaneo n15/d
Pavia (Pv)

H +39 0382.310229
F +39 0382.422631
Mob +39 339.4541857


Skype trupy79

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